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Guardiola: Mou is the **** chief

Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola meet tonight in 
the Premier League, continuing the history 
of their iconic confrontations.

Mou is known as a provocateur and Guardiola as a discreet 
and calm man. But we recall one case, in 2011, 
when the Portuguese had managed to get out of control Guardiola, 
who at a press conference, before El Classicos, broke out:

"Mr. Mourinho has given himself permission to call me Pep, 
so I'll call Jose. Tomorrow at 8 and 45 we face the field. 
He has won the battle off the field. He has defeated me in 
that arena throughout the season and will no doubt continue 
to do so. If he wants to have the Champions League personal 
trophy outside the field, let him taste it. In this room 
(the press room at the Bernabeu) Mourinho is the boss, 
he is the boss, "Guardiola said.

"He knows this and I do not wanna run with him here. 
I just want to remind her that I've worked with him for 
four years in Barcelona. You know me and I know him. 
If he prefers to evaluate the views of his journalist 
friends who receive information from Florentino 
Perez more than the report we had for four years, 
then his choice, "the Spaniard added.//24globenews.

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