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Queen B and her Instagram post that gained over 5M likes

As we all know Beyonce has given birth to two twins.Beyonce’s twins are blowing up Instagram once more — and this time, we actually get to see their pretty little faces.

Queen Bey took to her Insta in the early hours Friday (July 14) to unveil her newborns, Sir and Rumi Carter, to commemorate their one-month birthday. In line with the elaborate floral backdrop that Beyonce used when announcing that she was expecting twins in February, the pic shows the singer holding her babies amidst another flower-decked canopy, draped in a pastel gown and sporting a blue veil.
More specifically, Beyoncé, in one deft Beyoncé-sized kick, has managed in this photo to raise the celebrity bar for both celebrity birth announcements and celebrity babynames-that-make-you-go-hmmm. As with the photo in which she first revealed her pregnancy (11m likes on Instagram and still rising), this photo (over 5m likes in the first six hours and rapidly rising) was taken by 28-year old-Awol Erizku who worked for a time under David LaChappelle, a photographer whose love of celebrity is only equalled by his belief that more is never enough. Also, as with the birth announcement photo, Beyoncé is wearing a veil, as though giving birth to twins was so effortless for her she didn’t even disturb her hair accessories. And it probably was! They probably just slipped out of her like two little buttered eels and she immediately went back to picking out Gucci outfits and kicking ass.

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