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FIFA and UEFA exclude Villar

Gianni Infantino and Alexander Ceferin, the respective 
presidents of FIFA and UEFA will exclude 
Angel Maria Villar from the organizations they run.

The arrest of the head of the Spanish Football Federation 
on charges of corruption and fraud was far from welcome by the 
top football authorities in Europe and the world by taking this decision.

"FIFA can not afford to hold a vice president in 
jail on its board, which is still under investigation of 
the ongoing US investigations. Even in UEFA is happening 
something similar, because even Platini left for the same 
reason. Ceferin has no connection with Villar and moreover 
wants to distance himself from people accused of 
corruption, "one of FIFA members said.

According to the Code of Ethics of FIFA, those members who are in 
the process of investigating any crime within or outside their 
country will not be able to execute any of their 
duties and will be dismissed from their position.

Angel Maria Villar receives 300,000 euros a year as Vice 
President of FIFA and this figure is added to the various daily 
diets. At the same time in this institution he has also 
prepared a pension plan with a value of 3.7 million Euros.

In UEFA, Villar benefits 250,000 euros for the post of 
vice president, while these figures also add up to 12,000 euros 
a month as the head of the Spanish Football Federation.

Meanwhile, the Spanish court ruled that Villar and his son 
Gorka would stay in prison, while it is believed that the 
prosecution will demand a nine-year sentence for him if evidence 
of corruption and fraud will be tested against him.//24globenews.

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