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Instagram, the most annoying app

According to research by Ditch the Label, an organization

that fights online harassment, 40% of respondents said they

feel sorry if no one likes their selfie pictures, while

35% have shown that their faith is Directly

related to the number of followers they have.

The Instagram app has been singled out as 
the most widely used tool for bad comments.
7% of new Instagram users said they
 were excited about this app.
The figure is higher when compared to 6% of Facebook 
excited, 5% on Snapchat and 2% on Twitter and YouTube.
While Instagram has called on users 
to report annoying content.
"We know that the comments posted by other people have a great impact. 
So, we invested heavily in new technology to make 
Instagram safe and supportive, "Instagram chief of staff, 
Michelle Napchan, said.//24globenews.

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