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Pepsi’s Newest Soda – Pepsi Green

During the previous several years Pepsi has been known for composing and distributing oddly flavored versions of their well-known Pepsi soda. They’ve experimented with clear, white, blue, red, and now they’re going green.

Initial Thoughts
At the first glimpse looking at the can I could tell this drink would have a unique flavor to it. Looking at it the can was identical to a green tea can with the words Pepsi on it. I always love a new soda and I just had to try it. After asking the store’s cashier what flavor it was (since it wasn’t clearly indicated on the can itself) she kindly replied with “I don’t know, maybe kiwi or something similar?” Not even the person selling the drink could describe its flavor. Once opening the can I noticed the soda’s color wasn’t all that green, it was more of a combination of green with brown; almost like brackish water.

Taste Review
I must say, I thought the drink was going to be a disastrous fusion, much like Pepsi’s various other strange soda experiments. While I’m unable to exactly accurately describe the flavor with words, I’ll say that it was a distinguishable one. It(the flavor) had a spicy tingle to it, but at the same time it wasn’t spicy at all. It’s near impossible to describe the taste of Pepsi Green other than expressing how unique and unexplainable it is. Pepsi Green tastes like well… itself.

Where Can I Buy Pepsi Green Now
To the best of my knowledge, the soda had a very limited release by the Pepsi company. If you want to find it in local stores you may have some trouble since the soda was only available in a few cities. However, nothing is stopping you from buying a can (or even a pack) online from websites like eBay. Look hard enough and you’ll be able to find one for a respectable price.

It’s a great drink, but its strange taste is only enjoyable when consumed in moderation. It’s not the kind of soda I’d drink every day. This drink has doesn’t have a taste that’s anything like Pepsi, if it wasn’t for the logo (and the name) I would never had guessed it was made by Pepsi, it tastes like a completely different drink.

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